Under the Gun

Under the gun is an English poker expression which means “under pressure to act first”.

For me this translates perfectly to modern day society where we all deal with constant pressure to be someone, do something etc … . This may be the pressure from a friend or family member, from your boss or partner, from your peers or even from “the way how things should be done” as prescribed by society

To be able to act under the gun, takes courage. But this courage is vital to act to progress.

Don’t be afraid to act under the gun and make things happen your way.

Briseuse de Coeur

To understand love, you have to have your heartbroken at least once. But also you have to break someone’s heart to understand to thru power of love.

So don’t forget to once in a while: be a heartbreaker. However handle our power with care, … and you will be handled with care.


Martine can be single and alone. Martine can be successful and in love. Martine is you and me, … and the both of us at the same time. Martine will dress up or dress down when she feels like it. Martine gets out there and shows them how its done. She breaks hearts and will get her heart broken. But most of all: Martine is not afraid to act under the gun, as Martine will choose her own path.