I believe that our clothing is not random, because it’s not only a piece of textile we wear. It’s a big part of creating our own identity. So it’s about making a personal statement.

With this mind I want this artistic expression, to be translated into all of my collections.

I will not say my team is making Haute Couture. We are making “Art Couture” for  all those who believe in standing up for yourself, your dreams and your identity. For those who live under the gun, but are not afraid to speak or act! Just like Martine.

Therefore the collections will be always be 2-fold. There will be a first run of 50-100 individual pieces. Possibly followed by a slightly bigger run. This run will still be exclusive in limited edition. Each piece will have it’s own identity and will be individually numbered.

The collection DU LOVE will have it’s first 3 items available for pré order for every one. The items will be for sales for a limited amount of time but will not be numbered as we want to have enough pieces for every one. In the 2nd part we’ll have some special numbered pieces available.

I hope you enjoy my Under The Gun & DU LOVE collection. I’m super excited to share this with you !

Kisses, bisous,