My “Art Couture” Philosophy


I believe that every human being is equal and if we can help toward creating a more equal & healthier world we should take up our responsibility to do so. Therefore I decided to work only with producers who are certified in sharing this responsibility.

Our designs are made from 100% Organic Cotton. This means farmer that grow it use biological fertilizers and earthworkms instead of chemicals, cleaner river and groundwater, enriched biodiversity and toxic free handpicking by the farmers. 

I wouldn’t want anyone to have even the slightest change of getting any form of skin disease or skin-cancer due to the use of chemicals in our products.

Fair Trade


Faire trade is not charity. It’s just an “OK” way to trade. This way they receive a minimum price for their cotton and a premium to invest in better tools or to send their kids to school.

Our product are even manufactured by using renewable energy. This way we help a little bit to both local environment and global climate. But every little bit counts right.

Factory workers are hardworking people. It’s okay the have good, safe working conditions.

Our production supplier treats and reuses wastewater and reduce and recycle waste. They only use the most environmentally friendly dyes and continuously innovate the way we make clothing. All according to the highest requirements, demanded by the EU Ecolabel.

Every Bit of Me

I want my designs to have a bit of me in it. That means I will be working with people close to me who are representing the same ideal as I have. I want to deliver good quality so you can wear our products day in and day out. So quality above quantity! Right!





Limited Edition

When we created the “Art couture” way of thinking we decided that our collections should always remain limited. Therefore our first production run will always be 50 pieces. Depending on the demand we will do 1 additional production run also with a limited edition which will be a bit larger and distinguishable from the first one. All products will have their own identity and will be individually numbered. So if you meet someone who is wearing the same hoody or tshirt … ask him/her which number it has and don’t forget to take a picture together and send it to me on instagram!

Preorder & webshop

As we’ll be doing a limited edition collection I need to have all sizes in advance. That’s why we work with a preorder system on my webshop. You’ll be assigned a unique nr and a piece will be made especially for you. For those who say online shopping can’t be a personal experience … we’ll go f#ck yourself !